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Celebration® and Medallion™ Maples – Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’ P.P. 7279
and Acer platanoides ‘Medzam’


Just imagine a sunny, crisp, cool spring day. You have your work gloves and wellies on so you can spend the day working in your garden or landscape. One of the best parts of your day is that you don’t have to waste precious time continuously sweeping up those nasty maple seeds, a.k.a. bunny ears or helicopter wings. You won’t even have to climb that high ladder to clean them out of your gutters.

This scenario isn’t just a dream. It can be a reality and it can be yours. Two new maple cultivars have hit the market that are virtually seedless; Celebration® and Medallion™ . And, being seedless is only one of many superior attributes of these trees.

Celebration® is a freemanii; a cross between a red and silver maple. It has strong crotch angles and limbs which are inwardly cupped to withstand wind, ice and storms with no shattering. It was one of two trees varieties not to shatter in Rochester, NY during the massive ice storm of 1991 and the 2006 early, wet snow storm in Buffalo.

Because Celebration® is grown on its own roots, it produces a more fibrous root system. The benefit to the homeowner is no root upheaval to cause sidewalk damage. It has a distinct pyramidal form, is disease resistant and performs beautifully during the dog days of summer. Autumn color begins in October with red and gold hues varying depending on the weather and soil conditions.

Medallion™ is a compact, broad, rounded Norway Maple selection. In the spring its light green foliage is tipped bronze. Its thick, lustrous leaves stay good looking all summer long and become red and gold in the fall.

Like Celebration®, Medallion™ is virtually seedless and tolerates heat, drought and urban pollution. Both trees helps save home owners dollars on costly maintenance expenses and are hardy to U.S.D.A. Zone 4.

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Need more information contact Lake County NURSERY 800.522.5253

Need more information contact Lake County NURSERY 800.522.5253