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Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry – Prunus x ‘Snofozam’


As its’ name indicates, Snow Fountains® weeping cherry has cascading branches covered in single white flowers in the spring giving the appearance of a fountain of snow.  It has lush, dark green foliage which turns lovely hues of orange, gold and red in the fall.  Take into account its unique winter silhouette and you have the ultimate ‘4 seasons of beauty’ tree.

But, what truly makes Snow Fountains® unequaled, is the number of ways this tree can be utilized in the landscape.  Can you believe Snow Fountains® weeping cherry can be grown and used in 11 different forms?  It’s no joke. 

Depending on the end result desired, there are three methods of propagation for this tree; grafting, budding and summer mist cutting.  Within each method there are several styles this one tree can be fashioned in to including:

Top grafted:

  1. Top graft for a tailored umbrella type shape
  2. Top graft on to serrula to add a cinnamon colored exfoliating bark on the trunk
  3. Top graft but leave the branches uncut so they rain down and run along the ground to also form a ground cover
  4. Top grafted and placed next to an arbor so the branches can follow the structure
  5. Top grafted and used in mass plantings

Bottom budded:

  1. Bottom bud for a cascading, waterfall effect with weeping branches all along the trunk
  2. Bottom bud grown with the trunk trained in a serpentine shape

Rooted Cutting  - If left unstaked, Snow Fountains® can:

  1. Cascade over a wall;
  2. Be used as a ground cover;
  3. On a trellis; or
  4. Espaliered

Additionally Snow Fountains® is heat and drought tolerant plus it requires little or no maintenance to keep its form and beauty. 

To recap, this U.S.D.A. Zone 4 tree has 4 seasons of beauty, is eco-friendly, practically maintenance free and is undoubtedly the most versatile plant on the market.  Snow Fountains® could possibly be considered the ‘ultimate’ in ornamental flowering trees.


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