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Round Table Series™ of Dwarf Flowering Crabapples


The Round Table Series™ of genetically dwarf flowering crabapples are ½ to 2/3 the size of standard flowering crabapples which makes them a must have in today’s post card size landscapes.  Perfect not only in stature, these new crabs are proven to be more resistant to many common crabapple diseases.  These two important features make them practically maintenance free which allows consumers more time to relax and enjoy their garden.

The shapes and size of these dwarf Malus are as varied as the cultivars.  They have many different forms and growth habits to suit all types of designs, whether grown as a single tree or groped into a colony for a spectacular display.  The Round Table Series™ also provide a multitude of colors in fruit, flower and foliage for all seasons’ beauty.

Several of the Round Table Series™ can also be grown in top graft form.  These are excellent for forming natural arbors, framing an entryway, as a patio tree or highlighted as a specimen in the landscape.

The Round Table Series™ of Dwarf Flowering Crabapples contains:

Camelot® - This selection has fragrant, fuchsia-pink blooms that are tinted white, followed by thick, leathery dark green foliage with a burgundy overcast.  Gold fall foliage and brilliant rich burgundy fruit make a beautiful autumn display.

Canterbury™ – A selection out of sargentii, Canterbury™ has deep pink buds which open to light pink blooms followed by dark green foliage.  Its bright red fruit are persistent and remain showy throughout the winter months.    

Cinderella® - The smallest of the series, Cinderella® is a petite selection with an extremely compact and upright habit.  Tiny red buds open to white flowers.  It has attractive, deeply lobed foliage and abundant gold fruit in the fall.  It is excellent as a top graft because of its small size; a perfect patio tree.

Excalibur™ – Rated by The Ohio State University Crabapple Evaluation Program as one of the top selected Malus for disease resistance.  It is a dense, upright, compact tree with heavily spurred branches making it an excellent choice for forming a screen, hedge or barrier.  Excalibur™ has single white flowers and deeply lobed light green foliage.  Small gold fruit will adorn the tree in fall.

Guinevere® - This cultivar has unusual fragrant, mauve and white flowers simultaneously blooming throughout spring.  It has extremely dark, lustrous, midnight-green foliage with a distinctive deep wine frost.  The persistent fall fruit is bright red.

Hamlet® - Spring brings a mass of deep, scarlet-red buds opening to a bold display of fragrant rosy-pink flowers.  The foliage is a unique light wine-red color and its fruit is deep red in color.

Ivanhoe™ – A cross between sargentii and ‘Royalty’, Ivanhoe™ was chosen for its rose-red spring flowers and compact form.  Its foliage is a deep burgundy-wine frosted in silver.  Its flower and beautiful foliage make it a wonderful top graft selection.  It is a perfect patio tree.

King Arthur® - The most vigorous grower of the series, it calipers fast when young, slowing with age.  Its virtually maintenance free form is loaded with pastel pink buds which open to a cloud of profuse, pure white flowers.  Rich, green foliage is followed by bright red autumn fruit.

Lancelot® - The most popular seller in the series, Lancelot® has a tight, upright, oval form and crisp green leaves.  In spring its brilliant red buds open to snow-white blooms while in the fall it has elegant gold foliage and persistent gold fruit.  It is sought after just as much in top graft form.  A perfect patio tree.

Sir Galahad® II – Without a doubt, it is the best clear pink flowering crabapple.  Its striking pink flowers are followed by lustrous green foliage.  Its gold fruit turns a holiday red for the winter season.

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