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Spring Glory® - Amelanchier canadensis ‘Sprizam’


One of the earliest trees to bloom in spring, Amelanchier is known by a couple common names.  But, do you know exactly how this native North American tree got to be called Serviceberry or Juneberry?  No?  Well then, know is a perfect time for a little horticultural history lesson. 

In the olden days, specifically in colder climates, you had to wait until spring to bury anyone who had passed away during the winter.  Think about it.  The ground was frozen and there were no back hoes or snow plows.  So what did they do?  The bodies were kept stored in the barns.  Once the ground thawed there were mass burials.  And, just about the time the ground thawed enough to dig, is when the Amelanchier tree would bloom.  Thus, as family and friends marched in procession to bury their loved ones in the cemetery, they would break off limbs filled with white blooms from the Amelanchier and place them in the loosed soil.  Thus, it became known as the Serviceberry.

As far as the common name of Juneberry, well that one is maybe a little more obvious.  Amelanchier fruit ripens about June.  It has been used to make jellies and jams as well as pies.  If you want to pick the ripe fruit you must be very quick.  Birds love Amelanchier fruit and will absolutely devour it.  One day your tree is full of berries and the next it is bare!

Spring Glory® is a newer selection of Amelanchier that has a vigorous, upright growth habit.  Like the species, it has white flowers in early spring.  Its fruit is dark purple in color and attracts birds.  It has gray-green summer foliage which turns a brilliant golden amber and autumn in the fall.

According to the second addition of Compatible Tree Factsheets (for Electric Lines and Restricted Spaces) through Penn State University, Spring Glory® is a recommended street tree for under utility lines.  Because of its smaller stature, it can also be considered as a container patio tree.

A Streamlined Care Free Maintenance™ tree, it requires no trimming or pruning to maintain its naturally symmetrical form.  It thrives in moist, well drained acid soils with a pH of 5.0 to 6.5 in sun or shade.  It is a U.S.D.A. Zone 4 tree.

By adding Spring Glory® to your landscape, you not only bring a classic beauty in all seasons, but you add a little bit of living history as well.


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